What software shold i use so that my cd man can read my burned cds

i bought a new kenwood cd man and it does not read the cds that burn on my samsungcd burner i have to play the cds over other cd players and after the cd becomes old then my kenwood cd man reads the cd …
i usually burn cds through media player 10 … i was wondering if some one could tell me what software should i use to burn cds so that the cdz are read by all types of cd players … thanx

Windows Media Player 10 is decent at recording audio Cds. You could try somthing like Nero

Problem could also be with the media you are using. Have you tried burning to different Discs?

no i have not used different Discs i use sony discs… can u recomend any other discs ?

Verbatim Pastels or Super AZO. Both these play well in my car stereo where no others will. I also use my CD writer for the best results.

The fact that the discman plays the CD’s after they are used is a little strange, though :slight_smile:
I also found Maxell discs nice, and my Audio CD player is rather old and capricious…

in the past few days i have been experimenting with verbatim super azo , hp and maxell but the cd man doesn’t play the cd … can u plz let me know about the different softwares that i may use … thanx