What software is best to back up CD images?

I have many CD images on one of my drives I’d like to clean out. Once I know I got a good image, I hang on to it, and use daemon tools with those extensively. Man that makes for a fast CD-ROM…

Anway, lots of the image files I make are larger than 700MB, so I am wondering what would be the best way to back up my image directory onto CD-Rs? I can do that whole drive with the backup tool in Nero, but I really don’t care about the rest of the data on that partition. It is just my programs like Word for the most part.

Ideally I just want to span CDs as need be without having to create a set of .ACE or .ZIP files. I have no room to do so- 's why I’m backing them up…

You can burn the image as data using any premastering software Nero, even CDRWin will do - it’s just data) but the sum total of files will need to be under 700MB of course, or what ever size disc you use that’s compatible with overburning on your CD-RW.

Why not burn the images with the software you used to read the image? But maybe that’s not an option, I suspect.

That’s not quite what I’m wondering. The images work perfectly to play & to make backups from. This of course is why I would rather keep those images handy to use as mounted images in daemon tools than delete them, have to re-read from the originals, ect. Since a lot of the images come out around 740 mb each, burning them individually as a data cd is problematic.

Every few months I might get an itch to play Diablo 2 for example. Since I see no need to hog my game drive with 2 GB of Diablo 2 all the time, I reinstall it. It takes maybe a fourth of the time installing from the images.

I tend to use the elby version of clonecd that I bought a couple of years ago unless there is a problem, although I do as I said have a registered copy of nero for mastering.

I am just looking for something to back them up shy of a full HD backup.

I don’t understand. You want to burn them as images or data?

GameJack has a feature you might like, it will span CDs

Yup, I want to burn them as data.

It’s probably not a big thing to re-read them, but my machine, and the cd drive, are pretty slow, so it can take a while. I’d just prefer to hang on to what I have since these are all fairly old games and I won’t need them very often (if at all). I think aside from freelancer, D2 is likely one of the newest…

I will look into Game Jack. Thank You!