What software gives the best AV quality from avi to dvd?

I have a few movies that are broken into 2 avi files and I would like to convert them to dvd for use in a standard dvd player. There is a ton of conflicting info out there and alot of it is old. My question is which program or process is going to allow me to convert these 2 avi’ s into a dvd without losing audio or video quality. Also without running into synch or other issues after conversion. Thanks

None, you will always lose quality because of the transcoding process.

But Convert X to DVD seems pretty good.

Most of the good encoders (TMPGenc, MainConcept, Canopus, etc.), will produce excellent results. I have read many comparisons on www.videohelp.com forums, and seen side by side clip comparisons. The differences vary slightly, and if you ask 20 people, you will get a variety of answers. Transcoders like Shrink and Nero will give decent results, but nowhere near as good as products designed specifically for the task. There are also some free encoders that people like (and nearly free), like convertx2dvd, h264, favc, virtualdub which also produce good results.

You decision should be based upon what format you are working with (avi to dvd (mpeg), or mpeg, or divx…

I used to use DVD Santa, but switched a couple of years ago to Win AVI. I have DVDs that were converted from AVI that you can not see any difference between it and the DVD.


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