What software for watching BR on computer?

I installed the Blu Ray suite that comes with my BDR-205 and for a hot minute…PowerDVD9 worked. Now all I get is that the disc inserted (BD-ROM DL) is not a recognized format for the program…or the like. Long story short…PowerDVD9 won’t recognize commercial Blu Ray discs…

Is there anything else out there that I can test? My Vid card and Monitor are both HDCP compliant…



Very odd, I can play any BD movie Retail or otherwise with PowerDVD 9.

I know a lot of people (not me) like Arcsoft TotalMedia Theatre 3 Platinum so maybe give that a try, was some discussion HERE

Everything was fine as I was reinstalling Win 7. Then after I installed the BR suite from Cyberlink…I installed Nero and then Roxio 2010 and I couldn’t get autostart to recognize BR discs anymore. I double checked everything with Power2Go, and Nero Info Tool…everything read BD-ROM DL and the like…Even test burned some BD-R’s to make sure the drive is OK…burned everythng fine…not sure what’s up. I did lose my autoplay ability for some reason and had to default my settings…very odd. Perhaps I will try another reinstall to see…

So you can’t change the autoplay setting or it just doesn’t work?

No, I did all that. Issue was that even with settings…nothing would auto play…No Data cd’s, video…usb flash drives, nothng. Had to run a command line to get it all back…very strange. Now…when I do run PowerDVD9…it says that the disc in the drive is an unknown format and it won’t play it. Uninstalled PowerDVD9 and reinstalled…nthing…same message. As I said…I checked to make sure that my Pioneer BDR-205 is OK. Burns fine…burned two BD-R’s fine. I don’t have any BD-R DL but I was able to use Nero DiscSpeed and read the commercial disc UP. I even use DVDFab to back up DVD’s and was able to watch UP using the preview mode in Blu Ray to Blu Ray…so FAB recognizes what is going on. Sounds like somethng went awry with my Win 7 install.

I just don’t understand why PowerDVD doesn’t recognize a commercial disc and play it.

Yeah I see what you mean.

What version of PowerDVD do you have? I have Power DVD Ultra 9 “9.0.1501.0” I am sure there are newer versions but this one works fine so I never bothered to change.

I am using the one that came with the drive. I downloaded the demo from Cyberlink and it did the same thing…I can’t believe it is the drive…but I guess I may have to format and reinstall Windows AGAIN just to prove or disprove. If it is the drive…it will be my third. First one came with a cracked drawer…second one was trashed by UPS delivered from Newegg…this one seems normal in every way…who knows I have it on a rail off my Thermaltake Toughpower 750 PSU…so nothing should draw any power away from it. I am scratching my head bigtime…

But to have the total autoplay function of Windows 7 go south is very disturbing as well Running the command line at command prompt brough it back…BUT


Question…is it possible that the drive went bad? If DVDFab will play the disc back and recognize the structure…the actual physical drive should be OK, right? Nero Infotool recognizes all the drive’s functions AND Discspeed will burn to BD-R and Read all the discs fine. I am just so confused about this issue. So many people complain about the software that comes with the drive. When I first started the clean install of Win 7…the version of PowerDVD 9 that came with the Blu Ray suite seemed fine. Last thing I viewed with PowerDVD was a DVD that was seriously upconverted via the Pioneer. Quality was excellent. Viewed a Blu Ray via DVDFab preview this morning…

I hope it is the OEM software suite…I can’t take getting another replacement BDR-205…

Very strange. I would find it hard to believe it is the drive. It has to be PowerDVD, Windows 7 or a combination of both.

One other thought (however unlikely) would be drivers, are you letting Win7 load your SATA drivers (motherboard) or are you using the manufacture drivers?

I am running two WD VelociRaptors in RAID 0 on Sata 0 and Sata 1. My Samsung DVD Burner is on SATA 2 and the Pioneer on SATA3. Both Optical drives are governed by the Intel Matrix RAID drivers and run in ACHI mode, due to the basic nature of my motherboard, which defaults everything to ACHI. I am running the Matrix Storage Control software from Intel and have the performance tweaked to push my harddrives to the max performance…but even the burners are fine when tested with DiscSpeed…

This particular Pioneer drive seems so solid. If it were a hardware playback issue…I would think DVDFab wouldn’t be able to playback the BR version of UP or any other disc for that matter…I was able to watch UP, National Treasure and Cars through DVDFab this morning. Picture was exquisite!

After 5 months of experimenting with blue ray playback on my computer I would recommend Media Player Classic
Home Cinema as the best way to play back ripped blue rays on a computer.

I have the 64 bit version installed. If you can get the codecs setup properly and the sound you will have a setup
that will blow the doors off of anything you can buy in the stores. I have tried everything and every codec combination there is. The K-Lite codec pack works well and the sound codec that works the best is acm audio decoder. The cool thing about this player is that you can full screen the video if you want to. Also you have the ability with mpc to change the shaders used in video playback which has a huge effect on how the video looks.
You hook up a computer that is setup properly to play blue ray onto a big LCD and you will blow a few
people minds.

I am not viewing ripped BR, but commercial ones. I have DVDFab to backup my DVD’s, sincd my son started trashing the originals…and I am using the BR preview screen in BR to BR, flawlessly. I may check out the Media Player Classic when I get home from work at 1pm…


Since I have Roxio Creator 2010 pro (used to create BR movies from home movies)…I was also contemplating purchasing the BR playback plugin for Cineplayer…which is not to shabby. Only problem is If I purchase and it doesn’t work. Windows 7 is great most of the time…but does pose challenges

I’ve been using Arcsoft’s TotalMedia Theater 3 in Win7. It is much less glitchy in operation than PowerDVD so far. TMT is not cheap though.

OK…back home…here are the results of doing a read test using “Cars”

I used photobucket to upload…hope you can read. Looks just like MegaDeath’s read curve in the original drive review

Not sure I did this correctly…here is the url


I wish that the system worked the same as it did with the old website…where the upload went directly to the site…

^link doesn’t work

This got something: http://s847.photobucket.com/albums/ab32/bobmitmen/?action=view&current=PIONEER_BD-RW___BDR-205_103_16-Janu.png

Let me try that again…

How did you find it???

I will do another scan and try to repost

You don’t have to upload a scan to photobucket. Just click the Go Advanced button down below, click on Manage Attachments (its way to the right side in the MyCE Beta versions of the forum), and then navigate to where the scan file is on your computer. You can then upload it straight here to the forums.

OK…so here is the drive READING “Cars”

Everything looks normal in comparison to MegaDeath’s review…so far, so good!

More images to share…

First…the window that pops up when I insert a “blank” BD-R into the drive and windows recognizes it

Second picture is a graph of a burn using the “ill fated” Ritek Media (yes, I had an open 15 pak…figured that this is a good way to get rid of them). As you can see…the drive reads and now writes normally. It has to be Cyberlink Power DVD, which by the way is from the BD Solution disc that accompanies the BDR-205. The version of PowerDVD is 9.0.2101