What software for labelflash

I have an nec 7175a labelflash drive but i cant for the life of me find any software to use the label flash function. Any help would be greatly recived :slight_smile:

Nero Premium edition v. or later.

The Ultra version available in the North American market doesn’t support Labelflash, but the Premium edition available in Europe does.

eh unless im silly then no, that version supports litescribe not labelflash.

I’m not exactly sure which version is the first to support LightScribe, but the version is the first to support Labelflash, except for certain OEM versions of is for the light scrab and i m very angry i cant find nowhere i m from serbia can you help me wich alterntive is good instead of this!!!
thank you! supports Labelflash as well as Lightscribe (you also need LightScribe system software for LightScribe support).

There’s also a Nero upgrade available on one of the Nero ftp sites [direct link].

You will need the right serial number in order to have Labelflash support, however. A serial number for Nero Premium (European) version 6.6 or later is required - a license for Nero Ultra or Nero 6.3 or a Nero OEM serial is not enough (except for Nero OEM serials for Labelflash drives).