What software for booktype setting?



What software should I use for booktype settings? What about hardware? I own a Samsung SH-S162L. Will this one work?

I’ve played both DVD+R and DVD-R media on my 5-year old stand alone player and I have had zero problems. I will now try a DL media to see If I can get away with it. If it does not work then somebody suggested changing the booktype.


Use nero cd-dvd speed. Under the bitsetting menu you will find bootype settings. For a dvd DL you want to set the book type to dvd rom (i believe). As far as i know the cd-dvd speed does not permanently change this setting. Each time you burn you will have to reset the book type (Someone correct me if i am wrong).
Yes this particular burner supports bitsetting. So you can change the booktype to dvd rom. Check this out to make sure.


I don’t have the software you suggested but I Just read a review on the Samsung SH-S162L and in the review it says that my drive automatically sets the booktype to DVD-ROM without any input by the user.

This must be a good thing for compatibility reasons. Thank you for your response to my previous inquiry. :cool: