What software do you use to check discs? (liteon owners excluded)

I’m considering buying the ND2500 (or a liteon drive), and would like to know whether a program like kprobe exists for use on non-liteon drives.

The only way currently known to check DVD’s with the NEC is to try to read them back for example with Nero CD Speed

how do you then know if the discs are burnt OK? are there definite margins within which the curve should be for it to be a readable disc?

You should try the surface scan from the scandisk menu. There should not be a single red dot after checking the whole disc

Nero CD/DVD Speed should have a nice smooth graph.
Like this:

You can also use DVDInfoPros’ error check test.

A smooth Nero CD-DVD Speed curve, ideally in a drive other than the one you wrote the disc in, indicates that the disc is almost certainly a high quality recording.

Another check is to use the speed test and/or test for errors functions in DVDINFOPro.

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I’ve always used a program called CDCheck.

It scans for CRC errors on a disc, and tell you exactly which files contain CRC errors. Works on both CD’s and DVDs. And it’s 100% free. Please note because some drives have excellent reading abilities, files that have CRC errors read using one drive, may not have CRC errors when read using an excellent reading drive.

Download it from http://elpros.si/CDCheck/

I use DVDInfo pro and Nero surface scan.