What software do you suggest?



I am trying to burn video clips onto DVD that were downloaded to my hard drive in saved as type: Windows Media Audio/Video in wmv format. Also would it be better to download directly into Windows Media Player and then put onto DVD? Sorry I am VERY illiterate when it comes to this kinda thing.

I have Nero StartSmart, DVDshrink 3.2 and the newest DVDFAB.

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Could someone PLEASE help me with this?


If you are planning to watch these videos with a standalone player, there are two possibilities:

  1. If your standalone is able to read WMA files, then you can burn simply a data disc
  2. If your standalone is not able to play WMA files, then you must convert these video first.

If you will watch these video on your PC only, then a simple data DVD disc is sufficient. Any burning software is good for this :slight_smile:


The conversion that Geno mentioned can be done by Nero Vision, but I don’t know if you have the full Nero burning suite or not. I’m not a fan of Nero for this type of conversion, but you can try it for yourself.

Other possibilities include FAVC or DVDFlick, both of which are free to download and use. Or you could try a commercial product called ConvertXtoDVD.