What software do you guys prefer for dvd back-ups that is as good as dvd shrink

I have been using dvd shrink forever now. I like the features it offers and the simpleness.

However it requires Nero, and it cannot be any thing newer that nero

I have the newest nero, but its collecting software dust so to speak.

What software do you guys prefer for dvd back-ups that is as good as dvd shrink, and can use nero 7, or doesnt require nero at all?

Thank you.

DVD Shrink absolutely does not require Nero. I’ve been using Shrink for ages and do not even own Nero. Any burning program capable of burning an ISO or burning a video DVD from a folder can be used to burn output created by Shrink (though you may have to burn from within the burning program instead of directly from within Shrink).

You might want to try the excellent free program ImgBurn. See this guide for using it with Shrink.

I believe that VSO CopyToDVD will work from directly within Shrink as well, but it is not free.

wow ya your right, i thought it was dvd shrink that used neros burning engine but i was wrong.

thank you.

wonder what soft i was using that needed that.

Doesn’t Shrink also burn using DVDDecryptor?

WAIT WAIT thats it dvd decryptor uses Nero.

Great now i just updated dvdshrink, and my decryptor wont work.

any ideas?

or any substitutes?


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take a look a RipIt4me, all freeware, still uses shrink and works just fine.

No, DVD Decrypter doesn’t use Nero.

Shrink uses Nero for burning IF you have it configured to do so - but you’re not forced to use it.

Generally speaking, I was always under the impression that CloneDVD was the most robust & versatile DVD backup program. Now it appears that there is a newer version called CloneDVD² and I’m wondering if there’s been significant improvements? Also, do you need to install AnyDVD in conjunction with CloneDVD² to make it work?

Is there a worthwhile head to head comparison of various DVD backup programs with pros/cons somewhere, and is it current?

DVD Shrink is still one of the very best at what it does, decryption abilities aside.

I use other stuff to RIP the DVD to the HD and then use Shrink to process it and then another app to burn the VIDEO_TS folders I make with Shrink.

Hardly anything else out there I’d want to use than DVD Shrink, though I do like DVD MovieFactory 5, for other menu & chapter related stuff.

Yes you should be running AnyDvD with CloneDVD².

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