What software do the record companies use?

I’ve just finished a compilation, that is going to be submitted to a record company for publishing.

The file is one large wave file, and I just want to drop index marks into it. I want to do it this way, because that would make my master complient with the record labels software.

I know you can break it up into separate tracks, if I want to burn it to CD, but I’m wondering if anyone out there knows what software the record companies use to burn there discs.

When I take my wave file to the company, I want it to be complient with their set-up.

I could just ring them up and ask them what they use. I’m trying to get a job with their mastering section. I thought it would make a good impression at the interview, if I could give them my work, produced and completed on the right format.

As I’m vision impaired, I have extra good hearing for sound. I feel this would be the right place for me.

I know the industry standard for the graphic side is Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. What is it on the audio side?

Steinberg Wavelab is what I use, although Sound Forge and Cakewalk products are excellent also.