What software do I use?

I have an image file which cannot be recognised by any of the software I’m using.
It is named hbs-ec.omcomr.img (IMG-file size 4 296 102 kB)
Normally I’m using Cheetah DVD Burner, and it has been working fine for other files. This filetype is unknown to me. Magic Iso didn’t handle it either, had a msg saying the file was too large.
Can anyone please advise me?
TIA babord.

Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile: Nero is your answer if you’re asking about bought/paid-for software. If not, try freeware like that which is listed on this page in Snapfiles:

You can also try Imgburn.

Hi again,
thnx for good advice.Imgburner did the job.
Big thanx to rapid fire, and also stroppy for the link
Rgds babord