What software do I use to play DVD on PC?

Hi everybody,
I am new to DVDs , I just bought an internal DVD player (it’s a LiteOn ), and i am now wondering what is the software to use to watch DVD on the monitor of my PC.
Is there any good FREE option?
Can I use Windows Media Player ?

Thanks for your help


Yep, Mediaplayer can do the trick. There’s also WinDVD or PowerDVD, but they aren’t free. I suggest you search on a site like Tucows or Winfiles. There are many DVD players.
Also, wasn’t there a player with your drive? A short search will give you lots of players.

Thanks for the reply,

the driver was a bulk version and had nothing but the hardware.
I had a disk with the Asusdvd 2000 player, that came with the VGA card.
I installed that but it had many problems, and the image is not good (looks like it’s not decoding well, and it freezes also… :frowning: )
I tried both of the programs you said, and i noticed that Power DVD worked perfectly.
I also looked up for free players, but could only find one in Tucows that is not going to be upgraded by his author.

How do you manage to have the movie started from Windows media Player?
I am new to DVD and i see different files and directory that have unknown extensions (to me)… where do I start from?



In Mediaplayer you can choose to play a DVD (that is in version 8). Also, if no other program starts the dvd, Mediaplayer will autostart the dvd. Just look around in Mediaplayer.