What software do i need?



hey…i made a short movie with a handycam. i don’t know what kind because it wasn’t mine. now i’m stuck with a small dvd-r which i can’t open and i can’t see the recordings. Sb told me i need ti install a software.but which one cause on the dvd-r it only sais the following: Accucore

If you know which software i need can u pls tell me?


Have you tried VLC ? It is free and will read most dvd’s.


yeah…i’ve tried it…it’s not working


Sounds like you neglected to FINALIZE the dvd. If you do a search in our forums here, you will find how to read and/or finalize your dvd video.


yeah…i got it…i need the handycam for that :(( and i don’t have it:((:sad::sad::sad::sad:


isobuster is purported to be able to access un-finalized disks.


[QUOTE=olyteddy;2102351]isobuster is purported to be able to access un-finalized disks.[/QUOTE]

on a side note as i was browsing through the forums i seen your post and decided to try that and it appears it works on un-finalized discs.

cause i have a home dvd recorder that burns discs and leaves it un-finalized so you can add more to it later well normally i cant access the files til it’s finalized but i tried ISOBuster and it could access the .vob files on the disc and i copied it back to the pc and it appeared to play fine from the brief testing i just did.