What software do I need to use to burn my original dvds

Hi I’m new here and I was hoping to find out someone can help me out, I want to make copies of my Disney movies in order to save my orignals from getting scratched up when my grandkids and kids watch them, I rather the copied ones get messed up instead of my orginals, but I have no idea what type software I need to do this. I have a dell studio17 laptop with windows vista and intel pentium dual-core. thank u in advance for any help. Breeadinsgammy:confused::confused:

I suggest either DVDFab or AnyDVD to break encryption on those dvds.

DVDFab is an all in one program, in that it can break encryption and reduce the size of the movie to fit onto a blank single layer dvd. It can also do the actual burning to the blank dvd.

AnyDVD just does the decryption part, but you can use it in conjunction with DVDShrink if you need to take parts of the movie out, or reduce it in size to fit a blank single layer dvd. DVDShrink is free to download and use, so it is not an extra expense.

Both DVDFab and DVDShrink can use a free burning program called ImgBurn, which is highly recommended. To get the version of DVDShrink that can use ImgBurn, look at this page: http://www.videohelp.com/tools/DVD_Shrink and click on the link that says [I]Download DVD Shrink with Imgburn[/I].

You can find DVDFab here: www.dvdfab.com
AnyDVD is here: www.slysoft.com
ImgBurn is here: www.imgburn.com

While DVDFab and AnyDVD are commercial programs, both offer free trials so you can try out the programs and see if they will work properly for you.

If you would prefer to make complete backups, with absolutely no compression, that is possible also. Just decrypt the movie, rip it in its entirety to the hard drive, then burn to a double layer blank dvd. If you do this proces, only use Verbatim brand double layer blank disks.

DVDFab HD Decrypter is free for ripping only. Trial ware is there for other features but to rip DVD on Full Disc and Main Movie features are free and stay free when trial time is finished. Here is a link to the version I have seen as the latest:


I use to rip a DVD or HD DVD to the hard drive folder on my internal hard drive and I have the content there and can close the Decrypter application program and then can use DVD Shrink to process the content. I like to shrink dual layer DVD video movies onto a single layer size so that I can save money since single layer verbatim is not as expensive as dual layer discs are at the store or on newegg.