What software can i make a boot cd with



I want to make a bootable cd that i can put in my drive is something goes horribly wrong. I have nero, but that doesnt seem to have the features needed to create a boot file. Could someone give me a link to some software please?





Nero can make boot cd’s, you just need a boot diskette for its image. Windows XP can make a boot diskette for you.


just had a look in system tools and it has backup. Is this the prog that makes the diskette?



post 13 works great. makes a bootable disk iso you can burn to cd. Does not install anything.


Thanks ill play around with it tomorrow


Try MyBootDisk from http://www.zhangduo.com/


 My Boot Disk creates start-up disk with mouse support and dozens of system-repairing utilities, including boot-up fix, file extraction, drive partitioning, rapid installation, disk format, 
 Attributes change, file deletion, file copy, disk scan and more. It installs Windows faster, troubleshoots varieties of boot or crash problems and discover potential file damage. It provides the solution of booting up Windows NT/2000/XP with only one floppy disk. This enables users to troubleshoot multiple operating system boot crash and boot files damage cases. My Boot Disk creates both Boot Disk and Repair Disk. They are generally machine specific, i.e. they are made according to your system confi- guration. One of the exciting functions of the software is to download standard Boot Disk from the Internet ranging from 

MS-DOS 5.00 to Windows XP. My Boot Disk also backups and restores system important files as well as important personal files including Outlook mails, Address Book and IE Favorites.


There are already several options for bootable Pre-Installed environments that already exists.
These PE options will boot into a Windows XP interface and allow you to perform tasks such as system repair, data recovery, Registry editing, file transfer via network and a whole lot more.

These Pre-Installed Environments which you easily build and customize yourself are free.

May I recommend:
Bart’s Preinstalled Environment (BartPE) bootable live windows CD/DVD
Tom’s Hardware Guide on Bart’s PE CD

Frequently, I’m confronted with systems that will not boot but the clients want to recover personal data. My choice here is Reatogo. I’m able to boot with the Reatogo CD and use Nero to burn personal data to CD or DVD.

Here is the desktop of a basic Reatogo build…


I Agree, other programs out there. Cigar did not go into just how bad a (horribly wrong) meant :slight_smile: