What Soft. will wipe a DVD+RW to "new" state?

Posted this in Software section, but should probably have posted it here instead. So here goes:

Want to use the bit setting for DVD+RW but can only get my NEC-3500 to do -ROM on a new disc, one which has been written to before wont change to -ROM, remains +RW even after a full erase in Nero, InCD, Alcohol 120%.

So any chance some of the smart folks on this board could write such a utility to remove all formatting, or if it already exists let me know which one does the trick.


try a full erase not a quick erase
dvdinfo pro has a feature that allows to restore all rw to a “new state”, however you need a drive that supports this feature which is called (DC erase) and not many drives support such a feature.

Do you have any other drives other than the 3500 ?

Only have the 3500 now, used to have a Pioneer 106, but offloaded that one to a friend.

After what I have read other places, LiteOn’s can wipe a DVD+RW completely. Wonder why it is that only some drives can do it.

NU-Tech claims to have a technology called “DC erase” that will revert a RW back to a “like new” state.
However, I have heard rumors that it is just a marketing gimick… (no NU-Tech drive to test with myself).

Hi OZ,

I’ll suggest you do a format on the DVD+RW! Erase won’t completely wipe out the data inside the disc and some won’t allow you to do erase. It just similar likes the old floppy disk, you need to format in order to allow the windows to “use” again. :slight_smile:

Thanks, done all that, erase, fast format, quick format in various programs, incl Nero, InCD, DVDDecrypter, Alcohol 120%, running out of programs here. :slight_smile:

perhaps someone with a nu-tech drive can confirm whether this function “DC erase” works or not


Just like to find out more; which brand of DVD+RW you use? Did you try other brands if they also have the same result?.

One possibility is you drive’s pick up head is weak. Writing data into the disc, less power of laser uses. But if you do erase or format, the laser needs bigger power to do erase & format.

You can try the DVD+RW on another burner if you have or borrow another burner from your friends to try. Hope this help. :slight_smile:

I assume he is using the 2.F9 firmware.
With 2.F9, DVD+RW bitsetting only works correctly with brand new DVD+RW discs.
It is a flaw in the firmware, but I have requested that it be fixed.