What size do you shrink (if any) your BR backups too?

Just courious what everyone preference is. Ive been using DVDFab on a couple of my BR movies and have been shrinking “movie only” down to about 5gs and have been happy with it…BUT I keep the HD audio in it and was thinking of taking it out to get a better video quality…That would work right??? I dont have the space available to have a 1:1 backup…

I don’t use DVDFab, but most of the programs that compress blu ray have the ability to convert HD audio to plain AC3 and thus reduce the size of the audio stream. If you are going to such a small size, I do recommend converting the audio in this manner.

When I make backups of blu ray, I make movie only backups and reduce them to fit a 25gb single layer blu ray disk. Some movies will fit this size without compression, but even on those that do require some compression, I cannot tell the difference in playback from the original.

Thanx for the response…and I have to agree with you about the audio…I think the HD audio is taking nearly half my 5g file…Will I notice a big difference between the AC3 and HD audio???..I do not have a HD audio receiver to here it…thanx

You need a good sound system to get the benefits of the HD audio. If you are just listening from the speakers in your tv or using computer speakers, you won’t notice a difference.

I have a 5.1 surround sound that I watch the movies thru…as long as its Stereo I think Ill be happy