What simple music editing software to try?

Having just joined, I am about to create what is almost a double thread - sorry if that is a bad thing, but I am pretty desperate to get help on this one…

I want to find some software that will allow me to edit music simply.
I want to make music cd compilations, and be able to fade tracks in and out by different amounts, then crossfade them - Roxio creator 7 made it so easy, but I rarely got good copies made when burnt to disc - track 1 would rarely play.
Do I buy a newer version, or are there other programs I ought to try out ?
I am currently downloading a free trial of Nero, but my internet connection is so slow it will take ages yet (I am in south Spain, and way out in the sticks - no land line, no mobile signal, and internet comes via a microwave system that cuts out when the sun shines, or it rains. Not good really !
Many thanks for any help,

I don’t know if the site

Is available to you.If it is they are giving one away today.I haven’t tried it.
Too bad your download is slow.
To burn to disc I like ImgBurn also freeware.
A lot of people like Audacity for editing…

Hi cholla,
Thanks for your help here !
I am downloading it now, and have been for the last 20 minutes…
I have tried Audacity, but for my needs, and simple mind, it is too complex - I guess I need to try harder, but Roxio made it all so easy to fade tracks into each other…

Check you other post on this subject.

IIRC there are crossfade plugins for WinAmp. That and the ‘diskwriter’ output module would probably work.

Not sure about winamp - again, it may well be me and my aged and slow brain, but while I have it on my pc I rarely use it… I seem to remember that there was a crossfade plugin, but not one that allowed easy fading out and in PLUS crossfading…
The trouble s that I am used to a program that makes it all very easy. Now, if it is easy, then why can’t others do it or tweak it so that CD’s burn correctly.
Thus spake a computer luddite, who wants everything to be easy…

Cheers all for the input so far !
I am going to take a look at Easy Creator 2009

Try ImgBurn to burn an Audio CD.
Go ahead & use Roxio creator 7 to do the editing first.
I haven’t used Roxio creator 7 but I assume it creates .wav files from the edit.
Just go to the Tools pulldown in ImgBurn & select "Create CD Cue File"
Then Write it to a CD disc.

Sadly, Roxio creates its own file types (RCL) so I cannot open them with anything else - wouldn’t it be nice if I could !!

However, I have just found a free trial version of Roxio 2009, so once that has downloaded I’ll give it a try to see if I have any more success…