What simple editing software to try?

A basic question from a new member here…
Firstly, hello !
I own lots of music, and like to make compilation CD’s for use in the car.
I have owned Roxio Easy cCreator 7 for several years, and love its fading in and out and cross-fading facilities, but have never really managed to get a good success rate with burning my music compilations to CD - most will either not play the first track, some won’t start till track 4, though if rewound, I can get them to play from track 2.
Clearly, this is not good.
I have tried other software, like cdburner, and my optical drive is fine, and use decent makes of blank media, such as TDK, Imation and verbatim, and record as slowly as my cd drive will allow
I want to be able to to fade out one track, fade in the next, and cross-fade them together - seems a simple request ?
Well, what software will let me do this, SIMPLY ?

Many thanks to any one who can help me.
Apologies if this is an old topic - I am about to start searching to see if I can find answers…


I just use windows media to burn and copy my cds. It works well for me :wink:

Hi julierose80,
Thanks for your reply.
Trouble with windows media is that I cannot fade tracks in and out etc.
This is the one thing I am looking to be able to do. Most software I have tried lts one crossfade, but nothing even slightly complex, such as I want to do…

Google is how I got to be here !!

Since you are familiar with EMC 7 you might take a look at Creator 2009 which is a much better product now. You can do everything you want with it and you should be able to get an upgrade pricing on it.

Kipper - I had been steered away from creator 2009, by people sayig it wasn’t possible to fade in and out/crossfade - was I miss-guided ?
I have tried contacting Roxio, who seem unable to answer me…