What should I try?

Drive: Benq 1620 OEM with B7W9 firmware
Media: Verbatim 16x DVD+R (MCC 04)

What can I do to improve the next time around?

absolutely nothing! Assuming this 16x media was burned at 16x (would make the burn have taken about 5:45-6 mins.), this is an excellent result! Getting <25K PIE is excellent, and <250 PIF total with MCC004 is wonderful–especially on BenQ. Whatever you did, keep doing it–use the same settings, speed, etc. :wink: The < 10% jitter and 7.45% jitter average is truly excellent!

The only thing I could point out is to set the scan speed at 8x, not maximum, under CD-DVD Speed, as the expected scanning speed for the BenQ is 8x. :wink:


but I burnt at 12x as that is what most here stated as being best.

Still a kick ass burn. Wish my MCC 004’s burned that good in my 1640 or 1655.

Well, burning the 16x media on BenQ at 12x is usually the way to go, say with the 1620 and 1640 models, although I want to say the BenQ 1655 does burn it at 16x. However, I think the best 16x burns with MCC004 come with the LiteOn 165p65, as those users seem to get consistent PIF totals in that same range.

Either way, your 12x burn was excellent, and I’d keep everything the same, as the results are spectacular. Well, the 1620 was always an excellent burner. How long did it take to burn at 12x? About 6’ 30"?

lol no clue, I put it to burn and went out and pumped gas, watched some tv, and came back it was done.

Next time ill pay attention. But all this time I’ve been burning at 4x (using a 16x burner) cuz the media I had (and still have but these verbs were on sale and they are praised here) is almost 3 years old.

Get 93 and 96% out of those, wack, but all my players play the dvds.

Guess I’ll continue doing what I was doing, I’ll try burning them at 16x next time and see if there is a difference.

There should be some kind of log of the burns, depending on the burning software you use. If you have logging enabled, you can find how fast the burn was in the log. I use CopyToDVD, and it has a searchable burn log, so I can look up how long the burn took, the avg. burn speed, settings, etc…

You can try to burn it 16x on your 1620, but IIRC (If I Remember Correctly), the 1620 only burned the MCC004 consistently at 12x, just like the later model 1640. Like I said, only later model BenQs (like the 1650 and 1655) specifically addressed this and allowed for true 16x burn times.