What should I make out of this?



2 scans of the same disc. First scan is made right after the burn. Second scan is made 12 hours after burn. Why is there such a difference?

Wich scan should I trust? :confused:



And another example. First scan right after burn and second scan 12 hours after.


So long as you rule out handling contamination - maybe use a disc wipe / cleaning kit and recheck, I’d take the second scan as more accurate.

Seems to be a topic elsewhere in a similar vein, looking at immediate and later scans.

It is reasonable that results are likely to vary, between the drive and media hot after writing, and starting cold, but are there any other effects?


I think the second scan is more accurate too Matth! I’ll do my scans > 12 h after burn from now on.

Handling contamination is ruled out because I put the disc in DVD-case, without touching the dye side, right after burning.



Both scans are “Accurate”. What you are seeing is nothing more than normal variations between scans. Particularly at 8x scanning speed, this is not abnormal. Other variables like heat and such are also factors, and simply ejecting and reloading a disc can produce similar variations. Such is the nature of error scanning.


A good case also makes some differences. Heat, dirt, vibration, and other factors affect media quality scanning. For most accurate scanning, better to scan at 1x, nothing else running at the same time, no fan, no heated component inside or outside the drive. (I usually don’t care much about those things though because most scan results are consistent enough for my purposes.)


My lowest available scanspeed in CD-Speed is 4X Kenshin.


I meant each scan shows different results even from the same disk. Even 8x is too slow for most people, especially outside CDFreaks. Some drives support 1x or 2x scanning. DW1620 supports up to 16x scanning.


Also are you putting labels on the discs before the second scans…


The first scans are not labeled.
The second scans are labeled (With a soft pen. Verbatim Multimedia Marker)