What should I hope for?

I bought a HP Pavilion and the thing came with a 4161. I started searching for a new fw only to find out there was none and probably wasn’t going to be one. Since this drive wasn’t to good now I knew it wasn’t going to get any better so I got on the phone. After I was on for about an hour I finally convinced them the error of their ways and they are sending me a replacement of a different model. Still going to be a LG but different. Now As I have a 4163 which works pretty well I was wondering what I should hope for. Not really aquainted with any other Lgs I would appreciate some feedback on what to hope for. Expectations!

The LG 4163 is very limited as to scanning, ripping and annoying to bitset. It is also the best burner I have ever used on 9 different types of media tested on 7 different burners. See my scan below.

How well you do with the 4163B depends on whether they sent you a GWA-4163B or a GSA-4163B. If the former, you’re just as screwed as with the 4161. If the latter, it is as chas0039 says. A bit more detail :

  • quality scanning
    It doesn’t do quality scanning but then no LG writer does quality scanning

  • ripping
    Should rip at max 10x for SL discs and 8x for DL discs.

  • bitsetting
    Will bitset DVD+R and DVD+DL but not DVD+RW. A lot of newer burners are like that too. Has no permanent bitsetting, meaning you have to set the drive to bitset to DVD-ROM each time you reboot. There is a workaround though. See here :

However, it’s somewhat legendary for it’s burn quality. This drive is probably the one that built LG’s reputation for DVD writers. Stay away from Memorex 16x DVD-R discs however. There is a high chance they will only burn at 4x.