What should I have for breakfast?

I am somewhat hungry right now, what should I eat?

How about your carpet, or a near by cat/dog? :bigsmile:

btw i am not in a possition to be able to offer you any advice on how to prepare/eat them and have no idea weather they will be tasty or not. :wink:

Cereal or Waffles.

That’s a bit mundane you should have something interesting - it might be tasty you never know :stuck_out_tongue:

And where do you live to be having breakfast at 10pm BST?

What about split pea soup? It’s one of my favorite foods.


So what did you have for breakfast? Seeing as you posted the question over an hour and a half ago you must have had it by now, and was it tasty? :stuck_out_tongue:

uhmmm…breakfast…another 12 hours away… O well, If I was you I would have a bagle topped with butter(or cream cheese) ham, and cheese. It tastes good. Oh, and a vitamin pill never hurts.


Honey Hitters