What should I do?

I have about 500 songs. Everything worked well unti I decided to make them easily accessible. Since starting this I have not had time to listen to music. I have been asking How To questions. I think its time to ask “What type questions.”

What does protected mean?

Most of the songs come from CDs I purchased. For example, I bought the entire O’Neil Brother’s collection of Irish music, about 150 songs. Frequently, when see a live performance, if there is a CD for sale I buy it. I have one CD that a friend gave me. It has his son playing the quitar. Also, I once paid for a membership in a Music Club and downloaded old favorites of mine like Eddy Arnold singing Make the World Go Away, and Billie Holliday, etc. I like to burn a CD of Irish songs for senior citizens. And I have a girl friend who likes Classical music and Jazz. I make playlists for her and copy them to her iPod. I am not selling any music. Am I violating any copy rights? What does protection mean?

What determines easy access?

My idea is to store the songs on a workstation connected to the gateway device on a LAN with a etho cable, in the Shared Music folder in the All Users account. I want to control access through a firewall from notes books connected locally and remotely. Is there a better place?

What format should I use?

iTunes prefers m4a. Nero doesn’t recognize m4a. Should I use mp3? It seems that when I use old software to convert from a new format to an older one, I am going backwords.

What should I do … :rolleyes: Go to the Monkey Farm and …See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil.


hey there!

Why not try mp3, easy to access and share. Convert using CD Ripper.

Thank you for replying to my post. Problem resolved;used bPoweramp.