What should I do?



I have a nec 3540 burner and i love it. I have a benq dvd-rom but it just crashed on me. My question is what should i replace my dvd-rom with. I am looking for something that will rip dvd’s very fast. The only reason i want another drive is because i want to stick the dvd in one and the blank in the other and walk away (I am a very busy man). Thanks in advance.


A Benq dvdrw will do the job.


My LiteOn 1693S is a good, fast ripper (with Codeguys’ firmware)…not sure how the latest LiteOns stack up speed-wise, but they’re very good readers. :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile:
Very good readers? hmmm!
Recently had a problem disc. Nec(4550<>4551)/Pioneer(110) got so far (about 20%) & that was it. :a Plextor (716/760)got stuck several times, but with clicking retry button eventually got there. :iagree: :clap: Lite-On 16H5S run right through without any hesistation whatsoever. :iagree: :clap: :cool: :bigsmile:


Wouldn’t expect anything less - of course, I won’t be able to test out the newer Liteys’ reading/ripping for myself til I get my rebadged 1635S on Monday (I hope) :bigsmile:


My Benq 1620 with riplock removed is a faster ripper than my Liteon 1635S as far as I can recall, although the Liteon is supposedly a very good reader.


cool thanks for the heads up i think i am going to go with the lite on unless someone can convince me other wize


I’ve just had some problems reading a couple of DVDs. My Liteon 1635S was the only optical to be able to read them & did it without any problems whatsoever. And it’s not a bad burner either.