What should I do to avoid C2 errors in XP?

Hi all,

I own a Pioneer DVR-107D burner with the latest firmware on a Windows XP machine, and, according to the review on this site, this drive should be just fine. Still, all the CDs/DVDs I burn are full of c2 errors.

I’ve tried different speeds, different media. No success. I’ve come to believe that this problem must be OS related.

What are the settings in XP that could affect CDR qualty?



What do you mean latest firmware and what software are you using to burn the media? A more precise firmware number give more info as to what firmware your using but just giving latest firmware is very general. Do you have SP2 as well or just XP without SP?

Sorry. My specs:

Windows XP Pro Eng SP2
Pioneer DVR-107D with firmware version 1.21
1 GB RAM, lots of HD space
dual Xeon 3 GHz

CD burning software I use:

Nero 7
CD Architect 5.2

Media I have tried:

Verbatim, TDK, Sony, Primedisc, Fujifilm, Ridata, Maxell, JVC and some others I don’t remember now

In any possible situation there are many (at least 1/sec) c2 errors.

Can you please post a CD-DVD Speed scan so we can see the pattern of errors…

This is a typical one:

OK I think I’ll transfer this to the Blank Media forum… you’ll maybe get better specialist help with the CD burning.

Is the Pioneer DVR-107D ok to do quality scanning with ? This is more to other CDF’s that the OP.

I dont have one but my 112D is not what I would call trustworthy in that area.

If you could do a Transfer Rate Test, set CD-DVD Speed to the Benchmark tab and click the RunTest tab and click ‘ALL’ it will then run a load of test, if you have set them ‘Standard Tests’ under the options, check all of the boxes down to Create data disk leave that and the last one, and then show us the results.

Also do another quality scan at 24x or the next one down.

Hi asyx, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, Pioneer drives are not good for scanning CD media, because they tend to show random “phantom” errors that aren’t really there.

It’s possible that your CD burns aren’t very good, but it’s also possible that your Pioneer drive is simply crying wolf even though everything is fine.

In order to better judge the quality of your CD-R burns, you would need to use another scanning drive. There are some good discussions about that in other threads in this forum and the Media Testing/Identifying Software sub-forum, as well as in some of the Optical Drives forums here at CDFreaks.

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Will do soon, thanks for everyone!

The Pioneer DVR-107D burner is an older drive. There have been no firmware updates for 2-3 years. Pioneer always quickly abandons firmware upgrades for discontinued drives; probably a marketing ploy to force hardware upgrading to their newer models.

Media manufacturers change specs and, with no firmware updates, your 107 won’t have any Media-ID specific write strategies for many (most or all) of the current media available. It will default to a generic write strategy which often equals trouble. The 107 was manufactured during the early days of the bitsetting +R media trend and was never good at bitsetting +R media (if memory serves, it had no ability to bitset on it’s own and depended on the backup software, third party utilities or hacked firmware to bitset). The 107 would probably do best with 8X Taiyo Yuden -R SL media (or the OEM’s like Sony 8X -R made in japan) if you can get your hands on any. But at $40 +/- for a more modern burner, it’s probably better to upgrade the drive in your system than spending that same amount on a couple of spindles of experimental blank medias or trying to find remaining inventories of discontinued -R medias.

That covers DVD burning with the 107. I have no experience with CD burning on the 107.

Best regards,