What should i chose,Alott of questions

Hi everybody this is my first post…sorry it had to be a help thread :sad:

I want to store all my movies on disc(avi.mkv etc) and i just gott to know the ultimate way to store them.so hear i go

1.What is the best speed for burnning data discs…8x 16x etc

2.What is the best disc brand (i saw the tread about best storage…butt i diddent know if it applied to storing movies like data discs)

3.What is best fore storing + ore -

  1. how long do a good disc last fore

5.is HARD COAT SCRATCH GUARD something thats good fore storing

  1. how can i chek so all the data was burned on to the disc completly

Im sorry my english is so bad

Welcome to the forums. Lets see if I can answer these questions of yours.

  1. Best speed for burning: Depends on your burner and the disks you are using. Many disks that are rated for 16x burn better at 12x or even 8x. I personally burn all my disks at 8x now—the little bit of extra time doesn’t bother me.

  2. You can’t really go by brand too much. The best disks (as a general rule) are made by Taiyo Yuden and Mitsubishi. TY can be found online at many different shops. Don’t know where you are located, so I can’t recommend a vendor for you. Mitsubishi disks are usually found under the Verbatim brand but have been known to pop up elsewhere.

    • vs - is an old debate, but there isn’t much difference. Maybe a slight advantage to +R format. This also depends on your burner and which media fits it better. The firmware for your drive will influence how well it burns different types of disks.
  3. How long will your burns last? Good question. No one really knows for certain. Just make sure to store them properly, no direct sunlight, no excess humidity. The best storage solutions allow you to hang them vertically in sleeves. Lots of people use aluminum storage boxes that have these type of sleeves in them.

  4. Hard coatings protect against scratches. I would think this would be more valuable for disks that are handled a lot, or by young children who might not always be careful with them.

  5. You can elect to verify your burn after you finish burning to the disk. That is an immediate check on whether or not the data is correct. You can also use quality checks to inspect how well the data is being read back by your burner. Nero CD/DVD Speed works with many different drives. Tell us which burner you are using and we can probably help a bit more with this.

Hi :slight_smile: Im located in sweden.

iI have never herd of Yuden discs,so i dont think they sell them hear.
Yesterday i switched to nero 6.6.

if i use verbatim…could i count on atleast 5-10 years of living…before i haveto move the data to new discs ?
how can i chek if the verbatim discs is frome Mitsubishi?

But wich discs speed (i mean verbatime 8x ore 16 x)

Im using Sony dvd burner dwq28ab2,dual layer

We have quite a few Europeans posting here, and a lot of them are Swedish, so maybe someone else can point out a good online vendor for Taiyo Yuden disks in your country. If you get TY, I would stick with the 8x speed.

All the Verbatim disks are good, though the ones made in India seem to be the most problematic. Verbatim is Mitsubishi’s brand, so you shouldn’t have any problems with getting fake disks if you buy Verbatim. Most of the Verbatim we see here in the US are made in Taiwan, though the dual layer disks are made in Singapore.

I’ve used both 8x and 16x Verbatims with no problems. Again, longevity is unknown. My oldest disks are holding up quite well, and they are single layer Verbatims made in Singapore. But they are only about 3 years old now, maybe a bit more. I’m pretty sure they will be good for 5 years at least.

Since you have a Sony burner, you might check in the Sony subforum in the Optical Drive Forum and see if there are recommendations for media in your particular burner.

Although I also store my media in alu boxes with sleeves in them I remember some posts here saying that this might cause "warping"
I think this was reported by Francksoy
it was said that jewelcases would be better as the disc is supported in the middle