What should I buy

I have gotten my first salary (wohoo) for the summer and I feel like buying something. But I do not know what it is I want to buy. What should I buy that costs something like 200 dollars or Euro?

What else but lots of porn. See you saw that one coming a kilometer away didn’t you?

Man, I don’t know, what do you need or want? What can you get w/ 200 Euro?

3 1/2 days all inclusive in croatia :iagree:

i´m paying 500 for one week

What about a night out on the town. You could make it one hell of a night.

You can always put it on your banking account and save it for something good :slight_smile:

(quite exceptional btw… young people that don’t know how to get rid of their money)

Booze, Drugs and a Woman



Can you buy a manière trois w/ 200 Euro?

He’d better score some bisexual girls… remember that good sex always comes for free eh! :wink:

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Pervs! :stuck_out_tongue:
I do not have a digital camera… Of course they cost a little more, but I’m flexible…

There you go…

LOL, I’m not THAT flexible! €1100 is €200 times a little bit to much :stuck_out_tongue:
Right now I’m looking at a Canon Powershot A60 with 128MB memory card and delivery for €227. Yes I know it is 2mpix.

2MP? Man, I hate my A20. Yes, A20, the 1st Canon 2MP Canon PowerShot. The pics are not as sharp as I wanted them to be.

Maybe I should buy a newer version. I could get the S500. But then again, I rarely take any pics.

If you want nice pics, get at least a 3MP.

You can save them until you actually have something to use them on, I always find something better I could have used the money on AFTER i spend it (or just buy a digital camera, which is also good :))

I’d also recommend against 2MP cameras. I have a 4MP (Canon Powershot G3) myself and I still find the resolution to be too low…

genjai is a very wise man. :slight_smile:
Ah about the mpix-situation, here’s a photo of bicycles taken with a Nikon Coolpix 3500 3mpix and here’s a picture of bicycles taken with the A60 2mpix.

I think the 2mpix image is sharper. Look at the basket on the two bikes for instance. Plus I will take pictures for the computer, not print it out in A3+… But the moderator-genie on my left toe says this is getting General Hardware.
I have not locked myself in! I am open to suggestions! What should I blow all my money on? Just not porn. One does not buy porn! :wink:

Well it’s your forum to moderate so you can decide wether you want to have such a thread here or not (I’m ok with it ;)).

Anyhow… only when comparing equal cams (same brand, about identical hardware, just a different resolution) you can say something about sharpness. How a picture looks doesn’t just depend on the CCD or CMOS chip it’s using; the lens, the image processing and a zillion of settings (a zillion is a bit over the top, but you get my point) that make the quality. You simply can’t say the difference between 2 and 3mpix is shown on this single photograph.

200 gmail accounts via Ebay

200 bottles of coca cola

50 happy meals

1 million m&m’s

your first 5 cartons of cigarettes

afterburner kit , chip tune or a pair of dice for your volvo car

your first batch of cocaine and start dealing around the school yard

t-shirts with annoying texts on them

a police bribe

a gun

the complete thunderbirds collection on dvd

beer … lots of beer

calvin klein underwear

a singing telegram for your favourite teacher

a foster parents child

new harddisk , motherboard , DL dvd writer

Thunderbirds! That would rock! :wink:
By the way, what’s a M&M? I guess they are candy since I can get a million of em.

There’s even a Dutch dedicated website on M&Ms :slight_smile:

And here’s a bunch of online M&M games

There’s even a special M&M computer mouse. I bought one recently for just €3 (together with a bag of these nice chocolates). I have the blue one… but here’s a pic of the yellow one: