What should i buy? Plextor px-708a or asus drw-0402p/d

Hi guys i am about to buy a dvd writer and i am wondering which of the above is the best choice.

By the way if you have any suggestion on another drive please tell me.

For me it is of extreme importance that it can do good bakcup copies of games.

Any suggestions are more than welcome

Thanks in advance

Can anyome please give me their opinion


Hi there,

I don’t know anything about the Asus drive (never ever seen it, let be I ever worked with it), so I can’t give you any detailled information on that drive… but… I can give you some advice:

Everything about the Plextor 708A can be read in our review.

Another drive, that handles copy protections quite well, is the LiteOn LDW411s. Read our review here.