What should I be using to burn a dvd?

What should I be using to burn a dvd?
I have 6.3 oem.

I have dvd written to disk from another application.

If I use nerovisionexpress, and add the video_ts folder or vob files, it transcodes them. It also loses the menus.

I have been using recode 2, and it seems to work well without having to transcode the files. The menus are functional. It worked fine either creting a .nrg ( disk image) , or directly to the dvd.

Is that the way I’m supposed to be doing it?

There are many valid ways to burn a DVD. This is no single ‘best’ or ‘correct’ program for burning DVDs. It all depends on your needs.

I generally create an ISO in Nero and then burn that ISO with DVD Decrypter, as the program support verification for DVD+R.