What shall I do?

A small town 1.5 miles away from me,(found out by accident, I entered a random no;) ) has been given the opportunity for ADSL, I checked out the requirements, and so far over 92 people have signed up and that is well over halfway on the scale.

Where I live about a 1/3 have signed up, and this is poorer that I expected. It would seem my letters too Oftel the Telecoms regulator for the Government have enforced that even the small towns should be given the opportunity and that the requirements are not harsh, as in placing a level which would never be reached! So I am going too sign my dad up and thats one more closer :slight_smile:

So peeps give me yer vote what should I do, or have I already answered my own question?

Greets The Diplomat:D

I think you did. Ez.

On further investigation even though peeps are still signing up, they have not yet placed a cap limit before they will upgrade the exchange too ADSL. So it makes me wonder why this little town near me is actually marked down at all :a Hmm something is not right:confused: Maby another letter to Oftel will reveal the truth:)

Greets The Diplomat:D