What settop dvd to buy?

my old sony dvd doesn’t play cdr’s so i need one that can. figured since i am upgrading the most featuers it can have i want. for around 200$ us or under. i picked up a jvc n44 that playes svcd/vcd dvd r/rw and mp3 but i am not happy withs its quality it was 99$ so i will most likely return it. i want the kiss dvd dp-500 but its not for sale in the states. i would even drive to canada to buy it if they have it in vancover or else were near the boarder near seattle. one that plays wma and divx would rock but i don’t have to have them. a nic would also rock but again secondary. the jvc had progressive scan but i think that is what caused is quality to suffer not improve. example iceage ch5 scene is so dark u can only barly make out there eyes. on my sony there is no problem scene is quite vivid and detailed. there doesn’t seem to be a way to disable the progressive scan feature. so what do you guys recommend? have a site that has a good comparitive features list of current dvds?

thanks guys