What settings that will work 4 all the protections and 4 any tpe of cd?

i’m trinna find out how exactly the whole communication between the computer to the writer to the cd works… it is quite complicated 4 me [a 15 years old boy from israel] and im getting confused every time i try to read about it in the cd freaks articles or at howstuffworks.com. almost all my previous posts was about me tring to get help from others. now the question that runs in my mind is about all the writing methods and the various cd protections… i don’t understand why there is so many ways to burn a cd if the cd is built up from binary digits. i know that there is sectors that holds a number of bytes but why there isn’t a way just to copy bit by bit from cd to cd ? or there is a way? i don’t care about the time it takes but is there a way to do it?
if my question is too stupid or the answer it needs is too long and hard to explain so just tell my the common settings to copy a cd with cloneCD, the settings that will work 4 all the protections and 4 any tpe of cd. the master settings…
thx in advance…

There’s no “master setting” for backing up copyrighted CDs. For more info on backing up stuff, check out the Burning Software Forum.

Most of the times the protection is coded in to the master discs that are set up for mass duplication. Some of the masters are called glass masters.

The protections used today are usually set to stop people from making a copy of it. But there is tons of software and other ways to make backups.

Like Stoner said there is no master settings, alot of it is trial and error.