What settings should I set in SmartBurn Utility?



Hey guys,

Like the title says, what settings should I have in the lite-on smart burn utility?




Generally, leaving it as it is is fine. Enabling Online Hyper Tuning for most media [except Sony-made media–what most available 16x Sony-branded media is] will result in a marginally better burn. So I’d just say leave it as it is. :wink:


Well I changed a few settings…should I have smart burn enabled or no? What about overburn?

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Leave OverSpeed off. It’s not recommended to overspeed.

Leave SmartBurn enabled for now.

Basically: leave everything at the default for now. :wink:


sorry this might be too much at one time. :doh:

yeah at default for now is best, mostly i like to have the SB and OHT set.

be sure to save all of your create disc and quality scans so you will have them for reference. be sure to name them appropriately so you will remember what settings, speed and media you were using.

if you really want to mess with smartburn options there is a better [in my opinion] program called Settings Utility for LiteOn Drives

here is FastBurn, Enhanced OverSpeed & Enhanced OHT Firmware

there is a small tool called SetJitterSpeed this way you can control the speed of the jitter testing during a DiscSpeed quality scan.

its going to take hours of reading and testing before you really get what you want out of this. ive wasted many, many hours, days, weeks, setting different SB functions, using different speeds, different media all with different firmwares to decide how i like it set.

please go here and do alot of reading

now my main burner is a Pioneer :slight_smile: and i have no control. :smiley: thank god. :iagree: so i just buy two different medias and use 8x for both. :slight_smile:

but for a while i was still changing burn speeds and strategy swapping. :rolleyes: