What settings do you guys use with your Epson printers?

Not to hijack this thread but what settings do you guys use with your Epson printers to print DVD labels/covers.


I print directly to disc using the program supplied with my Epson printer. Please elaborate.

Under the Advanced Settings in the Epson Control panel what are the settings? CD/DVD Premium Surface, Adobe RGB, Gamma 2.2, etc.

I don’t want to discourage you from using Epson printer Help files. In the upper right hand corner is a question mark. Click the question mark and then select the option you want help with.

Help files do not help you discover the settings for the best quality prints. I know what the options do but I do not know which options are the best.

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There’s no right or wrong settings, it’s whatever works for you with the ink and media at hand. I turn off ALL Epson default settings like photo enhancement and use the RGB settings. Bump the intensity slider one notch upwards with the premium disc setting and it’s generally pretty good.

If you’re having color matching issues, then you might need to look at your monitor calibration. I use Adobe gamma loader to calibrate my monitor and run in the background.