What setting should i use ? Screenshot Provided

I am trying to find the best audio setting for some movies that i am making with Sony Vegas 8

I’m using LAME MP3 codec

99% of all the music i have is 44,100 Hz Stereo MP3 format

Here is a screen shot of my options


Right now i’m using

44100 Hz, 320 kbps CBR, Stereo

i trying to search these forums but there is SOOO MUCH info that i figured it would be alot easier just to ask someone what setting i should use

CBR or ABR ?

what kbps setting should i use ?

/thanks in advance

Welcome to CD Freaks :slight_smile:

For your video encoding, what type of content are you converting?

My recommendations would be as follows:

Speech (e.g. awards ceremony) - 64kbps mono.
Most home videos - 128kbps stereo.
Musical play or where sound quality is important - 192kbps stereo.
Film - 128kbps to 192kbps stereo.

Generally, anything above 192kbps is a waste of space, unless audio quality is critical, e.g. the source is a high quality recording of an orchestra.

Have a check at your recording audio source to determine whether to use 44,100Hz or 48,000Hz. E.g. if this was taken from a video camera, check its specifications.

If the output will be an AVI file, choose ‘CBR’, as some players will give audio/video sync problems if the audio is encoded as ‘ABR’.

The video is being rendered to .avi (with x265vfw codec)

The music i use are just .mp3 files, I’m not recording anything , i’m just adding music to my video’s i make, but i just wanted to make sure my settings for the audio portion is correct.

the actual .mp3 files are 44,100Hz

So what your saying is that for my songs i have (mostly trance songs lol),
instead of setting it to this (what i have now)
–44100 Hz, 320 kbps CBR, Stereo–

i should set it to this instead
–44100Hz, 192kbps CBR, Stereo–

It’s worth giving the 44,100Hz, 192kbps, CBR rate a try. Unless you are one who has carried out a lot of comparisons between MP3 and CD audio at various bitrates on high end audio equipment (or audiophile headphones) over a long period, you’ll unlikely notice any difference between 192kbps and 320kbps. Most people I know are even perfectly happy encoding their music at 128kbps.

The best way to find out which bitrate you’re comfortable with is to start at a low bitrate such as 96kbps, so you hear what defects MP3 introduces when encoded at too low a bitrate. Then try another encoding at 32kbps higher each time until you can no longer distinguish between the encoding and the original file. Finally, to be on the safe side, add another 32kbps to this and there’s a good chance you’ll not find any song you can distinguish between the two. :wink:

Finally, think of who’ll be watching the videos. E.g. if the music is just there to add background music to the video, chances are that no one is going to notice any minor defects in the music, if they’re paying their attention to the video. To give an example, YouTube encodes their videos with 64kbps MP3 and even their HD videos are only given 128kbps.

The difference of 32kbps is 14MB per hour, so if let’s say you decided to reduce your audio bitrate from 320kbps to 160kbps, this would be roughly a 70MB reduction in the encoding size for every hour of recording.


i was just looking at some of the trance songs i have that i have been using for my movies, and they are 320kbps according to the Properties > Details

I did a few test and tried 320kbps and then 192 and the 192 tended to be around 40-50% of a smaller file size, but if the original quality is 320 and i ‘downgrade’ to 192, will the audio quality be reduced ?

Lowering the Bit rate to 192kbps will reduce the sound quality slightly, but with the way MP3 compresses the audio, it tries throwing away as much “inaudible” information as possible first. Obviously if you keep reducing the bitrate (e.g. below 128kbps) it will come to the stage where the MP3 encoder is forced to throw away more important audible information, which starts becoming noticeable during playback.

I did a few test and tried 320kbps and then 192 and the 192 tended to be around 40-50% of a smaller file size, but if the original quality is 320 and i ‘downgrade’ to 192, will the audio quality be reduced ?
Yes, converting from a [I]lossy[/I] 320kbps file to [I]lossy[/I] 192kbps, [I]will[/I] take a slight quality hit…The question is, do you [B]hear[/B] any difference,between the two?.. Most, do not(including myself) when performing listening tests (ABX)…I use foobar’s ABX track testing…

Sorry about the double post…:o
Thanks, Kerry…