What setting in VHS to DVD

I have read many, many threads/replies about how to get VHS to computer to DVD. My problem is what settings to use to make the VHS quality better. The VHS copy is washed out and yes macrovision is a major problem. As many of you out there I have a few VHS movies I would like to transfer. Is there a good editor out there?

Welcome to the forum. You didn’t mention what hardware you’re using. You really need to get the best transfer to start with. I use a Hauppauge PVR USB2 myself and the few I’ve done came across pretty good. Macrovision wasn’t an issue. The Hauppauge has a hardware MPEG2 encoder and the files need only minor ‘massaging’ to get them to DVD. If you feel you need to fix some flaws in software you might use a capture device that captures in DV as an AVI and use AVIDeMux or VirtualDub to apply filters. AVIDeMux has the advantage of being able to filter and encode to MPEG for DVD. Hope this helps.

Thanks olyteddy I have been using CDFREAKs a number of years now learning as I go along. I am using the ATI TV Wonder Pro card, OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Pro 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600 System Type X86-based PC Processor x86 Family 6 Model 10 Stepping 0 AuthenticAMD ~2166 Mhz ASUS A7V600-X ACPI BIOS Revision 1008, 3/8/2005 SMBIOS Version 2.3 Total Physical Memory 2,048.00 MB Available Physical Memory 1.01 GB Total Virtual Memory 2.00 GB Available Virtual Memory 1.96 GB Page File Space 1.85 GB. Yes it is an old system I will be building a quad soon but I have no problems with speed for copying or editing. I have been reading the CDFreaks product reports, comments, advise to buy my stuff. I am still waiting for those prices to get within my budget. You see if I build a new computer for me the wife gets a new computer, if you know what I mean. Maybe not as good…

You might google your capture card with the word ‘Macrovision’ added to see if there’s a registry entry you can change to make it less sensitive to macrovision.

Yes Olyteddy
I have been using the recommended help aid and have received some help. In your experience do you believe the Hauppauge PVR USB2 is better than the ATI card? What about speed?

The main advantage of the Hauppauge stuff is it has a built in hardware MPEG2 encoder, and a pretty good one at that. In order to encode MPEG on the fly it has several enhancements including a temporal filter to reduce random (snowy) noise and a bit of level compensation built in.