What scanning speed do YOU use with your LiteOn DVDRW drive?

Post your experiences with the use of LiteOn DVDRW drives to scan DVDs, and select any poll options that apply to you. If you are just trying to see how others voted to get information, click the “View Poll Results” link.

 With the list of LiteOn DVD burners still growing, and the list of alternative DVD scanning drives shrinking, a number of people are asking the age-old question: at what speed should you scan your DVDs?

 Unfortunately, however, the response is not the same for everyone. For users of some drives, 8x is perfectly fine and the better option for precise results; for others, 4x is required to avoid bugs and glitches in the scanning process; for others still, high-speed scanning is the only way to go with these drives.

Note that this thread is NOT meant to be used for discussion on the topic of Why high-speed scanning is good/Why high-speed scanning is bad.

This thread also does NOT address scanning CDs, as the general public of CD Freaks agrees that MediaTek-based DVD drives do not make good CD scanners. For more on this, please search the Media Testing/Identifying Software subforum.

 Instead, this thread/poll is meant to be a good starting place for those people [with a shiny new LiteOn drive ;)] that want to join in the DVD scanning fun. So please, post your experiences with the use of LiteOn DVDRW drives to scan DVDs.

An example: if you have a SHW-160P6S, and scan at both 4x and 16x, select both the “5S/6S series [16x] @ 4x” option and the “5S/6S series [16x] above 8x” option. You can do the same for every LiteOn drive you happen to use for scanning.

 The list covers most of the "retail" LiteOn drives. The iHAS/iHAP/etc drives are represented by the A6 [20x] and A8 [22x] series options, as that is the internal name for those drives. If you are one that chooses to scan at 6x, please choose the 8x option.  

If you can’t perfectly “match” your drive with any of the options, please post your experiences with that model drive, anyway, as it can still be of use to others. If you have a specific reason for scanning as you do, please share that with us.:flower:

On my LH-20A1H, I use 4x as 8x results look a bit wacky.

On my 165P6S though, I use 8x. :slight_smile:

My A3 give almost the same PIF at 4x and at 16x, but usually at 16x i get higher PIE, btw, jitter is set to 1x, you can see an example here.

I have always scanned at x4 in all 3 LiteOn drives I have had.


I scan at 8x with my 20A4P.

I scan at 8X.

It’s hard to say, each scanning speed has it’s own problems on my 20A4P (as discussed in the high speed scanning thread).

I voted for 8x because it seems to show most errors while staying quite neutral.

Sony DW-G120 @ LiteOn SHM-165P6S

Pass/fail scans for everyday burns: 16x

Thorough scanning: 16x and 4x

TA Jitter scanning: 1x

I also have a LiteOn SHW-1635S which I no longer use for scanning because the 165P6S is more picky and more predictable at 16x.

I also have a LiteOn LH-20A1P that I’m not using for scanning yet, because it annoyingly refuses to spin up to full speed before scanning at high speed (unless I run a TRT first) and also because it’s not as picky as my 165P6S.

With the LiteOn SOHW-1213S@1253S (CS0T) I scan @4x and sometimes for comparison @6x (CAV). 8x or higher is flaky.

My SHM-165P6S shows essentially the same results @8x as at 4x, so I save time and go with the higher speed. I occasionally do scans at other speeds (even @1x) for special purposes, though. Jitter (CDSpeed) @4x.

This drive is the basis of my DVDScan experience (and the basis for my users’ guide at CDRLabs), so it’s no surprise that I do TEFE @6x, Beta @2x and Jitter @4x .


I like using warp factor 8…!

Both LiteOns 20A1H and 20A4H at 4x. 8x gives me a big spike at the beginning of most discs.

A1/A4 series, @ 8x

A1/A4 series, above 8x

20A1P @ 20A4P

8x and 16x similar results with 16x usually producing slightly lower PIE. Jitter set at 4x.

edit// would like to add 165P6S @ 8x with jitter @ 4x, too bad its dead. :frowning:

[QUOTE=juancdg;2162914]Both LiteOns 20A1H and 20A4H at 4x. 8x gives me a big spike at the beginning of most discs.[/QUOTE]
Setting a longer spin up time in CDSpeed eg. 15-20s sometimes help to eliminate that early spike.