What SATA burners allow booktyping



Building a new computer and would appreciate recommendations for a reliable SATA burner that supports booktyping. I will probably also get a SATA DVD-ROM so any recommendations on one will be appreciated.
When I built my current computer the consensus was it was best to have one DVD-ROM and one burner; not two burners. Does anyone have any input on whether this still applies?




What is the difference between one reader and one burner and two burners? :doh:


:confused: I have never heard this but I am very, very curious WHY ??

We have several computers, one (older one) has one player one burner (Sony 810) and then we have a Dell 9150 with TWO LITE-ON 165P6S’s and the brand new Dell XPS410 which is less than a week old came with one (SATA) TSST (Samsung) TS-H653A (a.k.a. SH-S183A) and I am definitely planning to buy a “second” BURNER for it. Just can’t make up WHICH ONE I want…

PLEXTOR 755SA ($106) expensive - heard mixed good and bad reviews

LITE-ON SH-16AS7S-06 ($37) heard a lot of good comments on this one

SAMSUNG SH-183L ($47) but I DON’T need (or want) LightScribe


LiteOn has also a SATA drive, the GSA-H30N but it is still 16x. There is also a newer one from LiteOn, the 20A1S.
If you do not need the drive as a reliable reader and you just need a good burner I would go for the 20A1S, otherwise I would take the Samsung or the LG. But I expect the LG one will have a very short life cycle.


:clap: WOW !! Great news on the Lite-On LH-20A1S… sounds like most everyone is just waiting for it’s arrival mid February !!

:a As far as LG, I stay away from them… bad reviews, bad luck, etc.

:confused: Now the SAMSUNG SH-183L (w/LightScribe)… is it really a very good “overall” burner ?? Remember, I have the OEM (TSST) Samsung TS-H653A (SH-S183A) presently in my brand new Dell XPS410. How would many here “rate” the Samsung ???


I had once the Lite-On LH-20A1P and it’s the worst reader I ever had but beside from that it’s a very good burner. Currently I have the LG GSA-H31L and it’s a gread burner and also a very good reader, not as fast as the LiteOn but it can read every ROM. I do not care much about reviews but I cannot remeber bad reviews about the latest LG drives. Can you provide a link?


:o It was mainly the “older”… much, much older… LG’s and it was mainly “word-of-mouth” reviews as well as a very few documented articles. THAT is what stuck in my mind… sorry to “bash” the current LG’s :doh: and it’s GREAT to hear they are upper quality stuff !!