What,s your website worth

What,s your website worth
this one is not to bad :bow:
btw dont read to much into the results


Google’s worth 269 million. I dont think the suits or google would agree :smiley:

Thats the first one i tried also followed by this one then a few more…

$0.00 :eek:



Your website at http://liggydee.cdfreaks.com is worth $13,652.00 :eek:

My companies website is worth $167 :iagree:

My fledgling of a website is $9 :doh:

My .com website (that I don’t use anymore and refers to my .nl website) is worth more than my .nl website.

My current employer’s website is worth more than my previous employer’s website…and my previous employer ranks higher in size…

From what I can see is that they value the website based on the number of links to your website from other websites…

Yay, my website is worth $2,309!

I suspect that the RIAA/MPAA and software companies would pay alot more than that to get their grubby hands on the CDFreaks pre-Y2K post-archive :rolleyes:

Err … forget I said that :iagree:

My employers have spent over $1m to get a site worth $27,125.

I don’t think I’ll tell them, it might upset the IT department :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. Myspace is only worth $156,170.00, which is about right.

lol $77

wooo 2 weeks and my site is worth $22 more :slight_smile:

$3,474. WoooHoooo

Time to sell…

interesting, I tried the same website twice, once with the www in front of it and once without, the first was $129 and the second was over $1200… funny ehhh

Your website at www.toshibaer.com/firmware is worth $471.00 :sad:

two days and my site has shot up by $122 :bigsmile:

and now… $603 :cool:

You website has changed!