What S-ATA burner for my needs?

Hi guys!

I am currently completing a list of components for my new rig (I’m getting a PC after good few years of working only on a notebook) and would appreciate some tips on the new burner…

I only burn files to archive them. These are usually photos and my CD’s ripped into flac, sometimes copies of my software.
I don’t burn a lot but nowadays I prefer using DL disks, yet I will be using standard capacity as well.

I’m after a reliable burner which can accurately rip audio cds, burn my disks and will keep me going until BR burners become cheaper :slight_smile:

What is the currently best/most common burner among MyCE users?

Thanks for any help! :bow:

Well i can that you have three options, the first two are the samsung 243 and the opticarc 7260, also you can check the iHAS624 from liteon.

Don’t underestimate the importance of media. The drive has a relative importance: if you use low quality discs, no burner can give good results, mostly for DL media :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: That I know already :slight_smile:

My data is to valuable to me to waste it burning on low quality media.

Out of those three, which seems most suited? or would I not really see differences?
I am not really interested in verifying how well the burning went as I always have two copies (one on a HDD and one on a disk) and never really have been in a position that something was irrecoverable one way or another.

Is this Optiarc the next gen of the acclaimed 7240s?

If you are not interested in scans, my suggestion is to get the optiarc or the samsung (the one you can find more easily or at a better price)

[QUOTE=qbazdz;2569794]Is this Optiarc the next gen of the acclaimed 7240s?[/QUOTE]


I assume Optiarc didnt ruin anything in their new design lol :wink:

Thanks for your help.
Will probably ask again in about 2 months time as Im not due for an upgrade for a while… unless the prices of new Sandy Bridge go down like mad :wink:

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=qbazdz;2570027]… unless the prices of new Sandy Bridge go down like mad ;)[/QUOTE]

If this happen, I’ll buy a new PC immediately :bigsmile:

SATA optical drives don’t work correctly with all chipsets, and you might consider PATA optical drives instead unless you’re sure the motherboard chipset works well with SATA optical drives, i.e. if the motherboard has PATA support…