What`s about the new CD-Recordables?



Hi everybody!
A friend of mine told me about a new cd recordable with a capacity of 800MB. Does anybody know if they are already available?
When not, what date and perhaps what brand.



The so called 91 min cdr’s will be on the market in Holland over 1 year and can hold 800mb data on it…


Fuckin great, and will that thing cost


I have a CD with 876Mb on it, can’t copy it. I bought it some time ago, it contains Alien Resurrection (VCD). The two .dat files can be copied and put on two different cd’s, but you can’t make a 1 copy. Strange…


Probably made with packet cd or something, this allows you to write up to ± 1 gig on it



First of all, you can get cd’s in 2 varieties <currently>

74 and 80 minute.

Music and VCD use 2352/2352 sectors on a cd.
Data (games and stuff) use 2048.
Data needs lots of error protection (hence you lose about 304 sectors)
With music and VCD, it doesn’t really matter if a small amount of that info gets damaged, since with VCD, it is only a small section of the screen in a single frame ot of 24->30 frames per second, and with audio, it is maybe a few samples out of 44100 samples per second, ie it’s not visible or audible.

The 650MB is calculated on DATA with 74Minute cd, so VCD and music using the full 74 minutes will be about 2352 * 650 / 2048 = 745MB
for an 80 minut cd
2352 * 700 /2048 = 803MB

Hope that helps you.

91 Minute cd’s will hold about 915 MB of audio / VCD.
Or 800MB data.
A 1->1 copy of a VCD should use either a 74 min cd or 80 min cd for porno’s.


That still doesn’t explain the 876Mb on my CD. By the way, this 876 is calculated with 2048, not 2352.