What rips fastest?

Ive got a 6500a on my laptop and DVDDecrypter only seems to hit 3x or so with the dangerous brothers firmware, is that as fast as it will go, or would a different program work faster? Or a different firmware?
Is Riplock what im looking for - i think i read that makes it read faster than “Stock” but doesnt seem to increase it much.

i tried CladDVD XP and it wasnt any faster, i used dvdinfoPro and it read from about 2x-4x, pretty poor for ripping. What can I / Should i do? Anyone - 96 views and no one knows?

first i know little about laptop drives (just got my first laptop 3 days ago). however i have been doing a little reading the last few days…

their isn’t a riplock removed firmware for the 6500. assuming you are trying to rip a dual layer disk i doubt you would gain much speed even if their was. my 8x laptop dvd-rom only rips dl at 2.7x.

i read in another post that laptop burners run slower then their desktop counterparts. as i beleive that the 6500 is an 8x burner 4x max seems pretty good (for dl). my nec 3500 (16x burner) with riplock removed only rips at 7x max. without riplock removed it was somewhere between 2-3x for dl and 5x for sl.

so basiclly they make fasle claims against DVD read speed? thats dumb. I noticed this drive has no new threads since like august 04 :stuck_out_tongue:
Hoping someone here could help since i know this thing should run faster, 8X is 8X

Not false claims, only marketing claims :bigsmile:

In fact, the max speed they anounce is the peak speed at the very end of a standard sl disc (most often only for pressed discs, for burnt discs it’s sometimes the case, I’m not sure), since the readers use CAV (Constant Angular Velocity).

might want to try the TDB riplock removed firmware http://tdb.rpc1.org/#ND6500A

8x would be single layer pressed discs
for Dual Layer the speed would be considerably less and would peak in the middle.
it would kind of look like a hill like this:

my nec 3500 (16x) maxes at 5x on dual layer discs so not much difference with desktop computers on dual layer

thats the firmware im using, and oddly enough my desktop has an inverted graph of the one you posted :confused:

do a nero cd speed transferrate test on both and post them

here for example is my speed hacked liteon and it is the only redeeming aspect of this thoroughly crappy drive. so how is your ripping inverted from this?

heres a graph i was talkin about - not like yours at all

Its not finished cause it was taking so long

I’d like to ask the question again that was posed for this thread…now with the new 2.24 firmware out…what is the fastest? Also, what writes the fastest? I never did get up to 8X even with confirmed media with the 2.23 firmware that was patched to eliminate speed limits. I’m using this drive in a Thinkpad T30 with 1/2 Gig of memory.

NEC drives can run at a max speed of 3-7x for reading CSS dual-layer video DVDs if you use a riplock-removed firmware. With standard firmware its even slower. NEC drives can rip single layer video DVDs though at high 6-16x speed with riplock removed. The fastest DVD readers can do about 5-12x for reading CSS dual-layer video DVDs at least reliably. A few can try faster but usually have to slow down around the layer switch point.

ok the scan posted was from a hitachi drive and it looked like it had riplock on it.

@MIJ get cdspeed and run a transferrate test and see what happends