What Retail Stores to Buy Printable Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden DVD-R At

So what are they? Coupons are appreciated. Thanks.

Where are you located? :slight_smile:

You’ll need to state your location for people to help. If you’re in the US, there’s no point me recommending UK stores. :wink:

(edit: hahaha, beaten by Kev :D)

K-Mart often have deals on Fuji (TY) CDRs, I hear from hanging out in the Bargain Basement. You might want to take a look in there as well, and search some threads in here (there have been two about retail TY recently). :wink:

Microcenter has the verbatim -R discs; they might be on sale this month.

I live in Iowa, United States

At Sam’s Club i see printable Verbatim 16X media 100 pks. I don’t remember the price and have never bought any.

SW Missouri here.

Are they hub printable?

You would have to ask that :stuck_out_tongue: i really don’t remember that either sorry. Check out Sam’s sometime when you go. I’ll look when i go back in a couple weeks from now.

The printables sold at Sam’s are regular printables, not hub. And on that note, I don’t think they carry them anymore as I haven’t seen any in a while at several stores in the Atlanta area.

Oh yeah I think I read somewhere those were discontinued but I guess forget . Any other stores that would have them?

I’ll look at mine and if you have membership it’s worth a look. First place i go to when i walk in the store.

I like the selection of CD-R media there :doh: and Verb +R DL MIS 50 pks.

Microcenter has Verbatim hub printable this month for $8 for 25 in a cake box.