What recorder should I get?



I have a SCSI setup 3 scsi Hd’s, Plextor Ultra wide 40x, etc. When I got the imation 8x(DIED) the ide burners were not very good, however they seem a lot better now. SCSI stuff is still priced very high. I can buy a 16x plextor ide for less than the price of a 12x plextor scsi. What would you recommend as a new burner? Stick with SCSI, or go IDE? Go with plextor or something else?


If you don’t won’t to write RAW you can go for the plextor 16, otherwhise i advise you to take the 12 speed.

RAW, you only need for psx games , however i’m not very sure.
But if you have to write a copied cd with it, the plex 16 can do that as well.


I would advice you to take the Plextor 12X scsi. You already have a very good scsi-system and I would make use of it. IDE is cheaper ofcourse, but with scsi, cd-recording can be done with no risc at all. And while burning, you can still do other applications without having to bother about buffers or speed-slowdowns (burnproof).
So just stick with scsi, you won’t regret it!
The actual difference between 12X and 16X isn’t really that big.
I have the 12X Plextor scsi too and I won’t trade him for the 16/10/40-IDE.