What recorder do I buy?

I am a bit illiterate when it comes to electronic stuff so pardon my dumbness. I want to buy a recorder to fit in between my satellite box and my TV and also accept coax input from the antenna on the roof. It needs to have some sort of hard (non removeable) storage device and also be capable of recording on disk and to transfer between the two. I also want it completely programmable with the ability to select between the antenna and the satellite box. HD capability would be nice too. I’d really like some suggestions from you experts on brand and model.

You will need to make some compromises. There are a few units still available with internal HDD for recording. You will mainly want one with a built in tuner for tuning the channels via antenna. You won’t find one with HD support and any of them will record via a line-in input (from your SAT box), but it won’t control the SAT box (so channel changing will be manual on the SAT box).