What read/write speeds when burning music cd

when useing nero6 to burn a brand new jazz cd to a 48x TY, what read/write speeds should i use?

when burning an old scratched music cd that has some C1 errors to a 52x tdk what read/write speeds should i use?

What type of cdrw drive do you have?

In general read at full speed, and write at one or two notches less than the maximum, or the certified speed of the disc- whichever is less.

Example, on my LiteOn 52x32x52 cd-rw, I generally will write a 48x certified disc at 40x for best results.

No great scientific answer to this, but experience tells me this is the safest method.

Burn as fast as your media and hardware will allow, based on C1/C2 error checks. Reading speed is not a concern, your disc will read as fast as the reading drive will allow.