What +R DL scanner to believe ? iHES208, 165H6S, 20A3P?


I burnt one DVD +R DL Verbatim MKM 003 @8x, with my Pioneer DVR-215 1.22. I scanned it with 3 scanners.

Do you have any idea why iHES208 report much more errors on PIE level ?
PIF seems to be the same to all scans. Actually very close results are iHES208 and 20A3P scans.

On jitter. Who should I trust more ? Something new for me was to see that LiteON SHM-165H6S HS0E can jitter scan 2nd layer of +R DL written disc. I couldnt do that with Nero CD-DVD Speed, but it seems to be possible with Opti Drive Control 1.50

Also for jitter scan, I flashed in the past my 20A3P with XV6D firmware for having 2nd layer jitter scan capability.
Do you have knowledge of being able to make 2nd layer DL jitter scan with official firmware for 20A3P ?

iHES 208 is the only drive used for these scans that can read BD disc and also to make BD scans. Do you think that this is the reason of so much difference between other two drives, at PIE level ?

Hard to say which drive is the best. And your scans shows perfect how different the result can be on different drives. If you need one drive only, i would choose the 20p3, and pay more attention on the TRT and the playback of the disc.

Thanks vroom. I’ve been already used to scan DL discs with 20A3P XV6D. For TRT and playback I had no problems.

Looks like the difference is at scanning the 2nd layer. Even if the scale of the graph doesn’t help much, but the scans looks similar at the 1st layer.

I sugest to scan a DL disk of not so great quality ( RICOHJPND01 or something like ) and see if the high PIE areas reflect in the reading curve.

btw, these discs were made in India?

[QUOTE=vroom;2578671]btw, these discs were made in India?[/QUOTE]

Don’t know. All I can see is that in the inner of the disc is written:

9257 80(or maybe O)2 +RC BG F1 15258

I’ll try as soon as possible to burn one RICOHJPND01 disc or something like it.

[QUOTE=Vasy;2578899]Don’t know. All I can see is that in the inner of the disc is written:

9257 80(or maybe O)2 +RC BG F1 15258[/QUOTE]

I am having the same issue with made in India discs, at the end there is an increase of PIE errors, however the disc works fine. I’ll try to check my discs also if they start with the same numbers.