What quality should I make my CD?



I am copying music from normal audio CD’s in order to burn a music collection CD, intended for listening on a normal CD player.
I am seeking advice mainly on the CD-to-hard-drive copying stage:
a) What is a good way to do it (Windows doesn’t seem to want to do it; I was able to do it with Real; are there other ways?)?
b) How should I do it so that quality losses are negligible (i.e. what bitrate? are there parameters others than bitrate?)
I would appreciate any help, especially in the form of informative links, as I realise that this is hardly an exotic topic :slight_smile:
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As far as programs, a couple of good ones are EAC, and CDBurnerXP Pro. If you are burning files that are coming off of CD’s, they should already be in the proper bitrates.


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Many forum members recommend CDex. You will also find a wealth of information by searching the various forums e.g. audio


Rip to the HDD in wav format. No loss in quality there. Don’t do any conversion like to MP3.

Cdex , my preference, does a good job as does EAC.


If you are intending the compilation to play back on a normal CD player, then if ripped in EAC secure mode to uncompressed .wav, quality loss should not just be negligible, it should be nonexistent.


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