What quality picture to expect on video card tv out?


i hoocked up a 14" tv to my radeon 9600xt via svideo lead plugged into scart adapter (see attachment) & the picture quality was awful :frowning:

it will only be used for video output mainly avis, iam sure it can look better than this.

thanks for any tips or suggestions Ako :flower:

No, no suggestions really. The video from the s-vid out of my Radeon 9600 Pro… is gorgeous. I don’t know what to tell you, but maybe you ought to ask at the Radeon forums at Rage3D.

will do Gurm, thanks :slight_smile:

What do you mean by awful picture quality. If you find that text on your computer screen is hardly readable on a TV, that’s normal, due to the lower resolution of television screens.

Did you try any video files?

yes & the picture was like a realy bad avi or cinema cam job, the same avi plays with almost dvd quality on pc monitor.

hmmm… the tv in my bedroom 21" mitsubishi doesnt like the s-video output on any of my cards i get a weird image very poor quality and then it just goes black and white (yes its all setup properly) the only way i solved this was to set the output on my cards to composite, yes it gives a poorer quality image compared to s-video but its hardly noticeable tbh and looks fine

also make sure you set it to I/PAL if it hasnt done it automatically

ive got a old 14" Amstrad monitor with a scart socket in the attic ill dig that out and try that.

@MrBrownstone & Gurm what quality leads do you use?

ive used all sorts (some cobbled together by myself :slight_smile: ) over the years, ive bought a few of those £7-£10 packs that has loads of leads & adapters in it etc so nothing expensive, give the lead a knock and see if the picture changes thats a sure sign it has a dodgy connection, its unlikely it was wired up wrong but its possible, the only outright broken lead ive ever had was a scart cable that came with a £30 dvd player so no surprise.

Do you have theatre mode enabled and/or the TV set as primary display?

tv is set to secondary.

theatre mode??? dont know this is my 1st attempt at doing anything like this so havent played around with any settings yet.

could i use the DVI out with the DVI to VGA converter & use a 2nd monitor to what movies ect?

You need to have it as primary if you want to play video clips.

well i started to make some progress, i connected the Amstrad monitor & the picture was the same as before, so i played around with the display settings & enabled extended desktop, started up an avi using vlc player dragged it so it was half & half between screens double clicked to expand & i got a nice clear picture. and could still use my desktop.

Eh no you don’t ;). I use my secundary primarily for that purpose. Works fine with WMP, WinAmp and VLC media player. Probably with other videoplayers too.

I use a Radeon 9700, standard drivers, no tweaks.

Well, if you use theatre mode it’s not necessary since the driver will do it for you (I guess) although if you doesn’t every video clip will be using RGB32 as colorspace which first of all is slow as f*ck but also degrades video quality be a large amount.

Theatre mode is only available when the two heads are in clone mode, right?

I use my second screen as extended desktop (makes sense for desktop use) and that works just fine. Speed is fine, image quality too.

thats how i`ve got mine & the picture quality is fine now with just a little flickering when words are displayed :slight_smile:

i did mange to find a thread at the rage 3d forum about using the dvi to vga converter but that was related to connecting a HDTV.
so i`am still unsure if connecting a 2nd pc monitor this way will work?

could i use the DVI out with the DVI to VGA converter & use a 2nd monitor to what movies ect?

Yep :slight_smile:

brill :slight_smile:

thanks MrB & everyone else for you input :bow: